Downsizing from 1000 to 280 SQFT!


When we first got the idea of RV living into our heads, we knew we’d have to downsize, but the reality of it was very much in the waaay back of our minds. We already lived in a small 2/2 in Jacksonville and we thought we’d just get rid of some furniture and dishes and VOILA, be all set for RV life.

Oh boy, were we wrong! As our deadline to move into the RV approached, reality set in - we had a lot of stuff.

The first step, we decided, was to have an estate sale. On top of that we also planned a “pre-estate” party for friends and family, to shop our stuff and have some beers with us before we left. This was a great idea in theory, but getting the entire house ready, priced and organized for an estate-sale was a lot of work. And throwing in a party on top of that was bananas. But we survived and we are glad we did it. Our friends and family bought a lot from us, which made us feel happy that our “stuff” was going to a good home.

We ended up having the actual estate sale for 2 weekends. What we didn’t sell we listed on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. And let me tell you; if you plan on doing this, it’s a full time job answering questions, organizing times to meet and showing the furniture. After countless hours of messaging, meeting and haggling (UGH), we eventually got down to just a few pieces of furniture, which didn’t sell and are now in storage.

Next up: our closets… my most dreaded task. We painstakingly went through our closets, dressers and shoes, weeding out what we thought we’d need on the RV (that’s a whole ‘nother post!). Our RV closets are small, but we did have 2 hanging closets, 2 drawers and 2 cabinets. We took the clothes and shoes we didn’t want to Plato’s Closet (a resale clothing store) and we actually made a few hundred dollars from them. What they didn’t take, we donated.

After our clothes were done, we tackled the kitchen. Probably Brennan’s most dreaded task, because he is the cook of the family and over the years had acquired every kitchen gadget known to man. We have pretty decent sized kitchen storage on the RV, so we narrowed it down to the essentials. (Pro tip: I highly reccomened bringing a crockpot!) A lot of our bakeware wouldn’t even fit in the oven, so we just kept one or two pieces that would. I am *very* prone to breaking things, so between that and living on a moving vehicle, we opted to buy enamel plates and bowls to use on the RV. Another RV purchase we made was a microwave/convection oven. It’s a great addition to the RV, because it’s easy to heat and bake things in without messing with the propane stovetop or oven.

As we’ve lived on the RV for the past 6 months, it becomes very clear, very quickly, what you need and don’t need. We’re continually getting rid of stuff and adding items into our lives that make RV living easier. All in all, it feels good to have less “stuff”. I can proudly say that I know, pretty much, what and where everything is on the RV. Something I couldn’t say living in a home that was stuffed to the gills with belongings.

xo, Leah